Apeiros World Odyssey: Vol 1. 

Apeiros World Odyssey is a vast and immersive manga series exploring a diverse cast and world in the Sci-fi fantasy genres.

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Chapter 1 debuts - November 4th 2023!

Join Ezra on his quest for the Sacred Elements of Apeiros

Glyph, the dominant faction on the moon colony of New Albyion has complete control over the ancestral home of the ancient and powerful Siva:


Home to many wonders and fables of the galaxy, but now a shell of its former glory. 

The collision course for power is set to destroy everyone involved as rival factions seek claim to the Sacred Elements of Apeiros, only Ezra's mysterious past and uncertain future may save his people. 

Discover the visionary new manga series bringing Afrofuturism to the forefront

A compelling manga adventure that explores the themes of identity, self-discovery, existentialism, and more!

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  • Story and Art: Adeleye Yussuf & Doni 
  • Est. release: Apr 2024
  • Trim: 5*7" traditional manga volume
  • Publisher: ELMNTL Hub
  • Series: Apeiros World Odyssey
  • Category: Manga
  • Pages: <200
  • Genre: Afrofuturism, Cyberpunk, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Mecha, Action/Adventure | Shounen
  • Age rating: T+

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